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Colorado Dept. of Health Expert Says “Persistent Myths” Cause Undue Dread About Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge

The Executive Director and Chief Medical Officer of the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment says that more than a decade after Rocky Flats was declared safe and suitable for any use, persistent myths and misinformation about the area cause unwarranted angst and outrage among certain area residents.

In an article appearing in several local papers, Dr. Larry Wolk says his and other government agencies are dedicated to providing accurate information about the safety of what is now the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge. The information is readily available to the public but conveying it is challenging “given the longstanding and polarizing opinions that often result in misleading and biased information concerning Rocky Flats.”

You can read Dr. Wolk’s entire article as it appears in the Westminster Window by clicking on this link.