Is Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge Safe? The Science Says Yes - blog post image

Physics professor does his own research, has no qualms about living near Rocky Flats

Candelas homeowner and School of Mines physics professor Dr. David Wood was spotlighted in a recent KCNC-TV (Ch. 4) profile about how he conducted his own scientific research to confirm that there is no additional risk from living near the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge — which surrounds what used to be the infamous nuclear trigger plant. The $7 billion clean-up of the area was completed in 2005, and the refuge established in 2010.(Check it out News4’s story here.)

Like the several hundreds of people who decided to call Candelas home, Dr. Wood reviewed closely the many official government web sites of information and other material to answer his questions. But as a scientist Dr. Wood conducted his own independent verification of the area’s safety. Using sophisticated instruments, he measured radiation at his proposed Candelas home site, among other areas in the community, and found it was no different than the safe background radiation levels found all across the entire Denver Metro area. He had soil samples analyzed, and again found no evidence of dangerous radiation. Dr. Wood summarized his thoughts and findings in an open letter to the community titled “The Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge: A Constructive Approach” posted at the Rocky Flats Stewardship Council web site here
It’s worth reading!.