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Why Visiting Nature Parks in Candelas is Good for Your Health

Spring mornings in Arvada, Colorado couldn’t be better With a nice breeze flowing through the parksand a bit of dew on the grass, spending time at a park will allow you to relax and feel refreshed. There’s no better way to set up an energizing day than to take a walk, jog, or ride your bike through one of the gorgeous parks in Candelas.

Spending time at the Candelas community parks promotes good health. Studies have shown that connecting with nature can lower your stress levels and blood pressure. For example, yoga (in one of our parks) can help you to focus and increase your memory and IQ while also improving flexibility, posture and strength.

Photo Courtesy of Candelas.

Whether you visit Maverick Mesa Park, Foxtail Pond Park or any of the other four parks, you will be able to enjoy the Colorado wildlife and amazing Colorado weather while you take care of your body and mind for the day.

At Maverick Mesa Park, you can enjoy the views of surrounding mountains and the amazing Colorado skyline. With the ability to view the foothills and nearby waterfalls, it’s difficult to find a better place to leave the hustle and bustle behind and feel peaceful!

At Foxtail Pond Park, you will be able to enjoy a true feeling of serenity. Whether you want to spend time around the pond, listen to the birds chirping in the trees or the smell of the mountain air – you are certainly going to feel relaxed. Foxtail also offers tables where you and your family can have picnic or play games in the outdoors. Seeing local animals like deer pass by will be a fun addition to your visit!

At the six Candelas parks, you will have the space and time to clear your mind, get active and spend time with your family and friends in the spectacular Candelas environment!

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